Travel Nurse - RN - ICU - Intensive Care Unit - $2,825 per week

Advantis Medical
13 weeks
4x12 hr nights

Job Overview

Estimated Pay Package:

Includes both taxable pay and non-taxable stipends
Discipline: RN
Specialty: ICU
Shift: 4x12 hr nights
Start: ASAP (may be flexible)
Hours: 48/week
Type: Travel
Duration: 13 weeks

Job Details

Will accept 3x12 or 4x12 schedule 

Weekend/Call requirements: Every other weekend 

Nurse to patient ratios: Goal is 2:1, but may flex to 3:1 or 1:1 based on patient acuity. 

Charting System: Cerner 

Floating: Expected to meet the needs and volumes of the organization. Assignments and duties will be consistent with training and experience. 

Candidates will also be expected to care for COVID positive or suspected positive patients as required and directed. 

First time travelers: Yes, but must possess an minimum of 2 years Critical Care experience as outlined above. 

Scrub color requirements: Royal Blue and/or White 

Time off disclosure: Any expected or anticipated time off is to be pre-disclosed at time of interview in order to be considered, and will be noted in the contract agreement.


Licensure: Active and unencumbered

Registered Nurses with compatible compact agreements in place with TN

Certifications: • BLS • ACLS • PALS - preferred • CCRN – preferred


Advantis Medical Perks:

Relocation Reimbursement
Health, Dental, Vision Benefits

Contact by Phone: P 469-457-6940

About Advantis Medical

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Advantis Medical’s purpose is to connect Nurses to their dream opportunities in interesting
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Advantis Medical Staffing exists today because of a journey that started when a Co-founder of Advantis Global, a national Tech Staffing company headquartered in San Francisco, began a quest to find a treatment and cure for a rare form of disease diagnosed in his young son.

That journey has resulted in pioneering and life changing gene therapy treatments for Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophies (LGMDs) where none existed before. Along the way, tons of love and compassion was freely given by an army of caring nurses and healthcare providers.

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