Travel Nurse - LPN - General Practice - $1,030 per week

Uniti Med
11 weeks

Job Overview

Estimated Pay Package:

Includes both taxable pay and non-taxable stipends
Employer: Uniti Med
Discipline: LPN
Specialty: General Practice
Shift: Inquire
Start: 10/16/2023 (may be flexible)
Hours: 36/week
Type: Travel
Duration: 11 weeks

Job Details

Uniti Med is seeking an experienced General Practice LPN for an exciting Travel Nurse job in Gettysburg, PA.

About Uniti Med

Uniti Med provides career opportunities to healthcare professionals by aiding medical facilities to fill their staffing needs. As a traveler with Uniti Med you work with one recruiter creating a solid relationship that always has your best interest in mind. Your recruiter will be a true champion to provide you with a unique travel experience, place you in premier locations around the U.S., and match you to the right assignment for YOU. Who doesn’t love that?! Uniti Med offers competitive pay packages and a full benefits package for healthcare workers in the nursing, long term care, home health, radiology, therapy, laboratory, and cardiopulmonary fields.

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