Travel Nurse - RN - ICU - Intensive Care Unit - $2,612 per week

MedUS Healthcare
13 weeks
3x12 hr nights

Estimated Pay Package:

Includes both taxable pay and non-taxable stipends

Job Details

MedUS Healthcare is seeking an experienced ICU RN for an exciting Travel Nurse job in Glens Falls, NY.

Discipline: RN
Specialty: ICU
Shift: 3x12 hr nights
Start: 08/29/2024 (may be flexible)
Hours: 36/week
Type: Travel
Duration: 13 weeks

Travel Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse job duties

While job duties may vary depending on the facility you work with, here are some common Travel ICU RN responsibilities:

  • Monitor and assess patients' vital signs and overall health condition, ensuring timely detection of any changes.
  • Administer medications, treatments, and intravenous infusions according to prescribed protocols and physician orders.
  • Provide continuous care and support to critically ill patients, managing complex medical equipment such as ventilators and life support systems.
  • Collaborate with interdisciplinary healthcare teams to develop and implement individualized patient care plans.
  • Document patients' medical histories, assessments, treatments, and progress in electronic health records accurately and timely.
  • Educate patients and their families on medical conditions, treatment plans, and post-discharge care to promote understanding and adherence.
  • Perform emergency procedures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and other life-saving interventions when necessary.
  • Ensure a sterile and safe environment by following infection control protocols and maintaining cleanliness in patient areas.
  • Coordinate with other healthcare professionals to ensure seamless patient transitions between different levels of care and discharge planning.
  • Participate in ongoing professional development and continuing education to stay current with advancements in critical care nursing practices.
  • Provide emotional support and comfort to patients and their families during stressful and critical times.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality and comply with all healthcare regulations and standards.

About MedUS Healthcare

MedUS Healthcare, formerly Axis Providers, is a Joint Commission certified staffing company that specializes in the recruitment, placement, and partnership of travel nurses and other healthcare professionals nationwide. We pride ourselves on tailoring our high-paying travel assignments to the skillset of our caregivers.

We are affiliated with the best facilities across the US, managed and operated by industry-rich professionals, and driven to deliver the BEST travel experience to the BEST healthcare professionals in the industry!

We at MedUS Healthcare are excited to be a part of your travel journey and are dedicated to providing high pay, excellent benefits, and the ultimate travel experience!

Better People; Better Outcomes. We Make It Happen!

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