Travel Nurse - RN - Dialysis
Little Rock, AR
TotalMed Staffing
Profession Nurse
Type Travel
Specialties Dialysis
Location Little Rock, AR
Weekly Gross Pay $1,452.38
Shift 1900 to 0700
Duration 13
Start Date 06/08/2020
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Baptist Health Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital in Little Rock, AR, with 688 beds. Survey data for the latest year available shows that 52,405 patients visited the hospital's emergency room. The hospital had a total of 25,769 admissions. Its physicians performed 9,881 inpatient and 10,630 outpatient surgeries.

Dialysis nurses use their expertise in kidney disease and treatment to make each dialysis session safe, efficient and effective. This professional is the lifeline for anyone who undergoes this complex procedure. Dialysis nurses are experts in all types of dialysis, including hemodialysis (in which a machine is used to clean the blood) and peritoneal dialysis (in which a special fluid is injected into the person’s abdominal cavity to absorb toxins). Regardless of the type of dialysis, these nurses carefully monitor the patient’s condition before, during and after the procedure and consult with physicians and technicians as needed. Because kidney disease is complex, dialysis nurses work closely with professionals from many disciplines, including physicians, dietitians, social workers and technicians. They also help patients understand their illness and treatment options and show them how to manage their disease through self-care and medication.

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