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Kyle Wilz,

Current: Senior Travel Recruiter at Nurses PRN
Education: UW-Whitewater


I have been a healthcare recruiter for 3+ years now. Beyond finding the right location and pay my end goal is to build long term relationships with all the RNs and allied health professionals I work with. I've come to notice in the travel industry there are a lot of recruiters and agencies that rely on smoke and mirrors to attract their talent. While that can be an excellent way to get people in the door it just sets up for an unhealthy relationship in the long run. The recruiter/nurse relationship needs to be a two way street. Open communication, honesty, and being straightforward with each other are what I feel make a successful recruiter/nurse relationship.

Feel free to reach out! I'm more than happy to discuss job opportunities, pay rates, bill rates, general travel questions, or even act as an unbiased 3rd party to give my two cents.

Direct/Text - 920-968-4296

Office - 888-830-8811