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Hello and welcome!

It’s no secret that most of us recruiters will have access to a lot of the same stuff. But unlike most recruiters, I’m not adding your resume to a stack somewhere on my desk, I won’t spam your inbox with jobs you’re not interested in, and I won’t push you off for a week. I will always ask your input and agreement to a job before I submit you, I will send you options based on what you tell me you WANT and I will respond within 24 hours
of your inquiry. I have a non-sales approach to recruiting. While I will work my hardest to land you the job of your dreams (because, let’s be honest here, I make money when you do, so yes I will fight for you) I want to build trust between myself and those I work with. There’s no secret to it, there’s no curtain to pull back. Communication, trust, transparency – three vital things to successfully send you off on an amazing adventure.

Now that you know a bit about me. Let’s talk business. You don’t get just my dazzling personality and great conversation when you sign up with Axis (although I do have to say it’s a great perk ;)), you get full, undivided attention beginning to end. The luxury of Axis Medical Staffing’s “boutique” style service is every one of my nurses receives highly customized service. What works for you works for me. From next steps, talking contracts, compensation, and even credentialing, we work together, around your schedule, to ensure the process is as painless and easy as possible. While urgency is key in this business, the rush is really in putting together your profile. Once I have your resume, 2 supervisory references, and a skills checklist, anything that checks all of the boxes is a simple click to submit for consideration once I have your ok.

So let’s make this happen. Reach out. Let’s discuss what you WANT and send you off on your next adventure.

We don’t work with just anyone, just rock stars. Let’s make you an Axis Rock Star TODAY!

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