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Charity Crawford ,

Current: Senior Healthcare Recruiter at Axis Medical Staffing
Past: Senior Career Consultant and Team Lead at Medical Solutions LLC


With nearly 13 years of experience in the travel healthcare industry, I have helped countless travelers achieve their dreams of seeing the country while making good money, meeting new friends, eating delicious foods, enjoying the finer adult beverages this fine nation has to offer, and SO. Much. More.

A travel enthusiast myself, I've had the fortune of visiting several countries, teaching English in Thailand, and volunteering in Peru. I'm constantly challenging myself to breach the boundaries of my comfort zone, and traveling is the perfect way to do it. (Plus, I love to eat. A LOT.) No matter where your adventures take you, I would be honored to be a resource for you, whether it's as simple as tips for packing light or how to navigate the labyrinth of getting your California nursing license. Like you, I find a lot of personal fulfillment in helping others.

When you and I have a conversation, I'm going to ask you a LOT of questions. Yes, it's important to know the black and white stuff like your specialty, shift preference, certifications, and things like that, but I want to know *who* you are - at work and outside of work. I may never have the opportunity to meet you in person, but that doesn't mean that I won't care about you and work hard to be your partner and advocate.

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for coming to my TED talk and I look forward to the opportunity of earning your trust and partnership!

About Axis Medical Staffing:

Sometimes it's easier to describe ourselves as what we're not.
We're not your average corporate “big box” staffing company. We're
not sleazy business people in bad suits pushing around resumes, lying or
overselling positions. We're not a tiny, inexperienced company either,
we have the same amount of nationwide positions as those giant,
corporate staffing companies. We've been placing top talent in
adventurous careers since 2004 and we can prove we're different from the