Document management

Build your resume, job application and skills checklists with the original universal profile builder. Upload your credentials to centralize all your documentation.

Pay management

Use the industry's most powerful pay calculator to evaluate pay quotes from any source like an expert. Receive pay offers. View and compare estimated pay for jobs.

Relationship management

Connect your profile with employers to apply for jobs and send automatic profile updates. Disconnect to stop updates. Centralize job offers and communication.

Your Documents on Your Terms

Simplify your job search with our universal profile and credential management tools. Use your documents on or off our platform.

Download your profile in two resume formats. BluePipes helps you record everything hiring managers require.

Access over 100 skills checklists for nurses, therapists, techs and more.

Render your profile as a job application with background questions and signing statements.

Upload credentials and tag them with contents, notes and expiration dates to stay current.

Apply for jobs on BluePipes with just a couple of clicks. Download or email your documents at your convenience. It’s free and always will be.

Evaluate Pay Like a Pro

Enter pay quotes from any source.

Our pay calculator helps you recognize the most important compensation details so you’re never caught off guard.

The pay calculator is packed with pro tips and resources to help you become an expert.

Get negotiating tips in real time.

Factor in your expected costs.

Save your pay quotes.

Receive pay offers.

Compare pay quotes.

Clone pay quotes.

Build a Trusted Network

Connect with the companies and recruiters you love on BluePipes.

Experienced professionals will tell you that professional relationships matter. That's why BluePipes is a professional network.

Connect with recruiters so you can easily maintain contact.

Connect your profile to companies so they automatically receive your profile updates.

Start building meaningful relationships and stop engaging in meaningless transactions for your contact information.

Simplified Job Search

Healthcare jobs fill quickly. Many job boards have expired jobs. BluePipes has powerful job-feed automation. Let the jobs come to you.

Update Settings

Update your Availability to let our software and network of recruiters know what you're looking for.

Receive Inquiries

Recruiters contact you through the BluePipes messaging system so your contact information stays private.

Receive Matches

Receive job match notifications from the most up to date job board in the industry.

Trusted Information

Many of the nation's leading education institutions link to our career resources. Empower your career with expert information.

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