About Us:

Welcome to BluePipes, a professional networking platform dedicated to the healthcare industry.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple: To simplify healthcare career management and employment onboarding. When you join BluePipes, you get access to a professional network with features designed to solve the healthcare industry's unique career related challenges.


Unique Profiles

A profile designed by healthcare career experts helps you recognize and record the vital career details employers require.

Skills Checklists

Free access to over 100 comprehensive skills checklists that can be downloaded or emailed as PDFs at your discretion.

Clinical Records

Manage your clinical records with a document storage center designed specifically for healthcare professionals.


Download or email your profile as a resume or full job application along with checklists and stored documents.


Display and broadcast your availability for employment opportunities to a network of recruiters for free.


We never sell your personal contact information to third parties for any reason.

Our Story:

While working in the healthcare staffing industry, BluePipes cofounder Kyle Schmidt developed a passion for solving the career management and employment onboarding problems that were having a profoundly negative impact on his clients. He developed an idea to solve these problems and pitched it to his childhood friend Bill Clark who has over 20 years experience developing scalable web applications. Bill loved the idea.

Together, the two refined the concept and BluePipes was launched in May of 2013. Today, thousands of healthcare professionals trust BluePipes to help them manage their career related clinical records and vital details, facilitate their professional networks and obtain career related advice and information.

What Our Members Are Saying on Facebook

"I needed to update my resume. I had one on Microsoft Word that I figured I could add to... Wrong! Formatting nightmare! I did some research and found BluePipes. I signed up, and filled out my profile... *BAM* Beautiful resume! If you need a dynamic resume, head to BluePipes!"

"I have a profile on bluepipes.com! You do the whole bit, work history / checklists etc. You can even upload reference letters from previous companies. I'm switching companies now, so when my new recruiter wanted these things from me, I downloaded all of it from BluePipes as a PDF file and emailed it. I didn't fill out a checklist, fax, or email photos of anything. It's all saved, organized, and looks professional."

"I used www.bluepipes.com resume builder! A new recruiter I hooked up with was really impressed with the information it provided! Don't be worried about limiting it to one page when you make it."

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