Travel Speech Language Pathologist - $1,248 per week

Ventura MedStaff
13 weeks

Estimated Pay Package:

Includes both taxable pay and non-taxable stipends

Job Details

Ventura MedStaff is seeking an experienced SLP for an exciting Travel Allied job in Kansas City, MO.

Discipline: SLP
Shift: Inquire
Start: 07/29/2024 (may be flexible)
Hours: 24/week
Type: Travel
Duration: 13 weeks

Travel Speech Language Pathologist job duties

While job duties may vary depending on the facility you work with, here are some common Travel SLP responsibilities:

  • Assess and diagnose speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders through patient evaluations and standardized testing.
  • Develop and implement individualized treatment plans to address speech and language disorders, tailored to each patient's specific needs.
  • Provide therapy to patients of all ages to improve articulation, language development, fluency, voice quality, and social communication skills.
  • Use various therapeutic techniques and tools, such as speech exercises, language activities, and augmentative communication devices, to enhance communication abilities.
  • Monitor and document patients' progress, adjusting treatment plans as necessary to achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Educate patients and their families on speech and language disorders, therapy techniques, and strategies to support communication at home and in social settings.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including physicians, occupational therapists, and educators, to provide comprehensive care for patients.
  • Conduct screenings and provide early intervention services to identify and address speech and language issues in young children.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of patient evaluations, treatment plans, progress notes, and discharge summaries in electronic health records.
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, policies, and ethical standards in all aspects of speech-language pathology practice.
  • Participate in continuing education and professional development to stay current with advancements in speech-language pathology techniques and practices.
  • Advocate for patients' needs and rights, ensuring they receive appropriate services and support.
  • Provide counseling and support to patients and their families to help them cope with communication disorders and the therapy process.
  • Supervise and mentor speech-language pathology assistants and students, providing guidance and support in their professional development.
  • Conduct research and stay informed about the latest developments in speech-language pathology to enhance clinical practice.

About Ventura MedStaff

Founded in 2018 and located in Omaha, Nebraska, Ventura MedStaff is a veteran-owned healthcare staffing agency that helps medical facilities meet their recruiting needs with the most qualified and talented medical professionals in their field. Our passion is to change people's lives and positively impact patient care. We do this by focusing our recruiting process, traveler support system, and company culture on the happiness and well-being of our greatest asset - our people. We offer assignments in the fields of nursing, therapy, and allied health, and our benefits include travel and license reimbursements, and assistance with continuing education. For more information, visit
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