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Travel Nursing Resumes

Easily create a beautiful resume designed specifically for travel healthcare by simply filling out your BluePipes profile. Hiring managers and recruiters love our resumes.

Skills Checklists

You'll have access to over 100 skills checklists for nurses and allied health. Utilize them at your convenience to avoid the monotony of completing them over and over.

Job Applications

BluePipes provides standard job application documentation like signing statements and background questions agencies need for the job submission process.

Document Storage

Our document storage system has unique features specifically for healthcare professionals so you can centrally manage all your documentation.

Utilize Your Documents at Your Convenience.


Conveniently download your BluePipes documents to any device as PDFs. Email them to recruiters or use them to apply for jobs.


Conveniently email your BluePipes documents along with any documents you have uploaded right from your BluePipes File Cabinet.

Network With Colleagues and Recruiters

 Simpler Job Search

Use the BluePipes Messaging System to communicate with recruiters while keeping your personal contact information private. Broadcast your avaialbilty to recruiters and let the jobs come to you!

 Professional Networking

While BluePipes has useful tools for travelers, it's a site for all healthcare professionals so you can build a network of recruiters and colleagues to help advance your career now and in the future.


Thousands of travel nurses and healthcare professionals trust BluePipes to help them manage their careers. Forums let you tap into the community to get questions answered and provide support when you can.


Unlike other travel nursing career websites, BluePipes does not sell your contact information to third parties. Only you can release your contact information by virtue of sharing your resume or job application.

What Our Members Are Saying on Facebook

"I needed to update my resume. I had one on Microsoft Word that I figured I could add to... Wrong! Formatting nightmare! I did some research and found BluePipes. I signed up, and filled out my profile... *BAM* Beautiful resume! If you need a dynamic resume, head to BluePipes!"

"I have a profile on! You do the whole bit, work history / checklists etc. You can even upload reference letters from previous companies. I'm switching companies now, so when my new recruiter wanted these things from me, I downloaded all of it from BluePipes as a PDF file and emailed it. I didn't fill out a checklist, fax, or email photos of anything. It's all saved, organized, and looks professional."

"I used resume builder! A new recruiter I hooked up with was really impressed with the information it provided! Don't be worried about limiting it to one page when you make it."

Travel Nursing Simplified
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